Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Get Fast, Secure, and Reliable Web Hosting

Web hosting is what makes it possible for people to view your website over the Internet. But when you run a business, you have more important things to do than worry about optimizing your web server and battling security threats. Take advantage of QTI’s fast, secure, and reliable web hosting package.




Reliable Network

Our use of multiple Internet providers ensures that even if one provider goes down, another will step in to keep your site online.


In-House Support

Contact QTI for all support and troubleshooting needs; we would never outsource something so important.


Increased Security

Our advanced redundant network guarantees that your data is always backed up, and we’ll monitor your site to keep a lookout for security threats.


Consolidate Your Bills

Rather than having multiple bills and due dates, use QTI for all of your web needs and receive just one bill.


Fast Load Times

We are constantly working to optimize our servers so your website visitors experience the fastest load times.


Use your own domain name (unlimited number of domains) checkmark checkmark
User FTP accounts 5 Unlimited
FTP access for administration checkmark checkmark
Email addresses included (additional available for purchase) 15 15
2 GB of disk space checkmark checkmark
Webmail access checkmark checkmark
IMAP and ActiveSync email support checkmark checkmark
Email address forwarding checkmark checkmark
Web-based configuration checkmark checkmark
24/7 monitoring and physical security checkmark checkmark
State-of-the-art network operations center checkmark checkmark
Multiple redundant connections to the internet checkmark checkmark
No bandwidth limits checkmark checkmark
Redundant hosting for failover checkmark checkmark
Power backup and daily data backup checkmark checkmark
Static IP address checkmark
Full SSL support (certificate not included) checkmark
Content management system (CMS) checkmark
Get Started

Get Started

Standard Web Hosting
$120 per year

Premium Web Hosting
$360 per year

To have QTI host your website, please fill out the QTI Web Services Application. If you have any questions regarding web hosting or the subscription process, please feel free to contact us.