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This article describes how to set up and use the test show in ShowLink to test out and learn how to use ShowLink before going to an actual show.

Note: The test codes below are formatted for use with the "ShowLink Test Show".  For testing your setup with an actual show you will need to scan an actual badge from the show you are testing.  You may scan your own badge.  Remember that exhibitor badges may not contain all the information attendees will have.  For example you may not see the address or email if it was not encoded in the badge for exhibitors.


Step 1 - Activate and Setup the Show

1. Log in to your account in

2. Click the ShowLink tab at the top of the page.

3. Click Activate next to ShowLink Test Show.

4. Click Show Settings to edit the show details.

5. If you would like to print a scan sheet, click Print Scan Sheet at the bottom of the page.  Scan sheets are not necessary.  You can enter everything from the screen of the device if you wish.

Step 2 - Start SAGE ShowLink

1. Start SAGE ShowLink on your device.

2. Login if you are prompted to do so.  To setup login IDs, click the Users tab in  Make sure that you have given all users who will be using ShowLink access to ShowLink (see the Access Rights section at the bottom of the user profile page).

Step 3 - Selecting the Show on your Device

1. On your ShowLink device, click or tap the gear icon, choose Select Show, and then select the ShowLink Test Show.  The test show badges WILL NOT work with other shows.

2. Tap or click on the Back button to return to the scanning screen.

Step 4 - Scanning Badges

Following are three sample badges that you can use with the ShowLink Test Show.  Note that these badges are QR Codes, so they can be used with the scanner or the device's camera.  This allows you to test your setup without having a scanner.  Most tradeshows do not currently use QR Codes, so you will need a scanner to scan badges at most shows. 

Please print this page before trying to scan with a scanner.   The glare of the screen can cause scanning problems.  If you are using the device's camera, it should work okay from the screen in most cases.


"Fred Smith"
"Jane Smith"
"Joe Johnson"

Note: There is an indicator on the screen that shows how many leads are waiting for upload.  The device will automatically upload leads every minute or so when an Internet connection is active.  Please wait for your leads to upload before trying to print a report below.

Step 5 - Get a Report

1. Log in to your account in

2. Click the ShowLink tab at the top of the page.

3. Select the Reports button next to ShowLink Test Show to get a report of the leads you have uploaded.

More Information:

If you want to "start over" without any leads scanned, you can delete the show from and then Activate ShowLink Test Show again.  Then repeat the process above.

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