Setting Up a Show in ShowLink




This article describes how to setup a new show in ShowLink.


Step 1 - Add Default Settings (these settings will be used automatically as new shows are activated)

1. Log in to your account in

2. Click the ShowLink tab at the top of the page.

3. Click Edit next to "Default Show Settings".

4. Type your default exhibit staff (you may also type your different line names instead of staff names if you wish) in the text box (one name per line).

5. Type in your default hot lead email address.  When scanning, you can select the hot lead icon to immediately send the lead to this address (assuming there is an available Internet connection).

6. Add your items or actions from the SAGE Database dropdown or using the fields.  You may also automatically add your 20 most popular items from the SAGE Database.

Step 2 - Activate and Setup the Show

1. Log in to your account in

2. Click the ShowLink tab at the top of the page.

3. Click Activate next to the show you wish to setup (if you are setting up a show outside of the industry you may click Create New Show Not in List at the bottom of the page and fill in the show's details).

4. Click Show Settings to edit the show details.  Your default show settings will be used automatically.

5. Make any changes that you need to make to the show and save your changes.

6. If you would like to print a scan sheet, click Print Scan Sheet at the bottom of the page.  Scan sheets are not necessary.  You can enter everything from the screen of the device if you wish.

Step 3 - Start SAGE ShowLink

1. Start SAGE ShowLink on your device.

2. Login if you are prompted to do so.  To setup login IDs, click the Users tab in  Make sure that you have given all users who will be using ShowLink access to ShowLink (see the Access Rights section at the bottom of the user profile page).

Step 4 - Select the Show on your Device

1. On your ShowLink device, click or tap the gear icon, choose Select Show, and then select the show from the list.

Please Note:  This step must be done when you have Internet connectivity.  If you are using a device that may not have Internet connectivity at the show, be sure to complete this step before you go to the show.   Once a show is selected, you can use ShowLink without having an Internet connection, even if the software is restarted in the interim.  All of your leads will be saved on the device and uploaded to the system as soon as you regain Internet connectivity and start ShowLink.

More Information:

If you are creating a new show not in the list, you should leave the Badge Key field blank.  Scan your badge for the show and we will setup the badge key for you.

If you would like to test ShowLink before going to an actual show, see Using the Test Show in ShowLink.

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