Exporting Leads from a Show in ShowLink




This article describes how to export lead reports from a ShowLink show.


Option 1 - Export from the web.

1. Log in to your account in https://www.sagemember.com

2. Choose ShowLink in the left side navigation.

3. Click Reports next to the show you want to export.

4. Select from the list of options, then click Create Report

5. You will be prompted to save the file ShowLinkReport.csv (or ShowLinkReport.txt for email lists) on your computer.

Option 2 - Export from your device.

1.  In the SAGE ShowLink app click the wheel icon in the bottom right.

2.  Click on Email Lead List.

3.  Put in the email address you would like the list to go to and hit send.

More Information:

If you do not know your login ID and password, click the "forgot password" link under the login box or contact us at 214.631.6000 or support@sageworld.com.

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