Accessing Your Email via the IMAP protocol




You want to use the IMAP protocol to access or your (and/or you want to swtich your current POP3 account to IMAP).


SAGE Email Service fully supports the IMAP protocol as well as POP3.  You can configure your Outlook software to use IMAP instead of POP3 by creating a new account and choosing IMAP instead of POP3 as the server type.

Incoming Mail Server (IMAP)
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)
Account Name/User Name Your Entire Email Address
Password Your Email Account Password

If you are switching your POP3 account to IMAP you need to remove your POP3 account. If this is a new account, skip this step.

  1. Click the File tab, and in the Info section click the Account Settings Button, then select Account Settings
  2. Select your POP/SMTP email account and click Remove
  3. Follow the instructions below to setup your IMAP account
Note: this does not delete your email, this just removes the account settings.

Add Your IMAP account in Microsoft Outlook 2010:

  1. Click the File tab, and in the Info section click the Account Settings Button, then select Account Settings
  2. Click on the Email Tab and click New.
  3. Select "Manually configure server settings or additional server types", and click Next
  4. Select Internet E-mail option and click Next.
  5. Fill in the Internet E-mail Settings according to the table above (account type should be set to IMAP).
  6. Click More Settings, then select the Outgoing Server tab.
  7. Check "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication".
  8. Click Next, the click Finish.

Add Your IMAP account in Windows Live Mail:

  1. Click the Accounts tab, then click the Email icon on the toolbar
  2. Enter your Email address and Password
  3. Check Manually configure server settings, and click Next
  4. Set the Server type to IMAP
  5. Set the Incoming Server address to
  6. Enter your full email address as the Logon user name
  7. Set the Outgoing Server address to
  8. Check the box next to Requires authentication, and click Next, then Finish

More Information:

The SAGE Email Service can be access via POP3, IMAP, or Webmail.

POP3 is the standard method of accessing your email using client-side software like Outlook.  With POP3, the messages are downloaded to your computer when you send/receive.  At that point, the messages are removed from the server.

IMAP is a protocol that is used to connect to email servers.  Unlike POP3, IMAP does not save any of your email messages on your local client computer.  Instead, all of your messages are stored on the server, allowing users to easily access their email messages from anywhere.

SAGE WebMail allows you to access your email using a web-based interface.  For more information, see Accessing Your Email via the Web using SAGE Webmail.

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