Accessing Your Email via the Web using SAGE Webmail




How to access your email using SAGE Webmail, our web-based email system.


You will usually want to access your email using your email software (e.g., Outlook, etc.).  If you need help setting up your email software, follow the instructions here: .  

There are certain occasions when you may want to use our web-based email system to read and write emails.  For instance, if you are away from your computer, it is often more convenient to use WebMail since you do not have access to your email software.

To access your email account via the web, go to:

You will then be asked for your email address and password.  Your password is your email account password (if you can not remember your password, contact Support at 800.925.7243).  You will then be logged into your account.  For more assistance, click Help once you are logged in.

More Information:

Please note that your mail will only be available in Webmail if you have one of the following situations:

(a) If you use IMAP or ActiveSync to access your account from your desktop or other devices, then all of your mail will be available via Webmail, just like it is from your desktop or other devices.

(b) If you use POP to access your mail from your desktop or other devices, then your desktop mail software must be closed in order for your mail to be retained on the server.  In this case, you will only see new mail in Webmail (mail received since you closed your desktop mail software).

If you plan to use Webmail often, consider using IMAP or ActiveSync to setup your desktop email software and other devices.

You can use up to 1GB of disk space on our server for each email account. When you download emails (e.g., when you "POP" the account from Outlook) the messages are transferred from our server to your computer.  However, when you are using the web interface or IMAP/ActiveSync, any messages that you keep in your inbox, sent items, trash, or other folders will count towards these limits.  Therefore, please empty your folders from time-to-time to avoid reaching the quota on your account.

Your email account(s) must be setup on our server before you can use your email client or the webmail system to check your messages.  See this article for more information:  Setting up your email on our server

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