How to add and manage your email blocklist




If you receive unwanted emails from a sender, you may use the Personal Block List in SAGE Webmail to block the sender.


Points to consider before blocking the sender:

1) If the unwanted email is from a legitimate business, use the "unsubscribe" link in the email first.  Legitimate businesses should stop sending you email marketing if you request they do so.  Only block the sender if they continue to email you after requesting removal.  Note however if you think the email is not coming from a recognized source, you do not want to validate your email address as active so do not respond or click any links in the email. Just block the sender and the delete the email.

2) You should only block senders sending you multiple messages from the same address.  In general, spam senders will change the sender with almost every message, so it will not be useful to block the sender in that case. Use the "report as spam" feature instead, and only block the sender after receiving multiple messages from the same address.

How to block a sender:

1) Log into your email using

2) Right-click on the "From" address in the email.

3) In the context menu, select "Block sender."

You will no longer receive email from this sender.  You may manage the blocked senders by clicking on Contacts | Blocked Senders.

More Information:

Alternatively you may forward the message from the sender you want to block to blocklist@[YOUR DOMAIN NAME] and it will automatically be added your personal block list. Note it must be forwarded as an attachment not as an inline forward.

You may use the Quick Steps feature in Outlook to automate blocking senders. Follow theses steps:

1) In the Quick Steps group, select the More Dialog Box Launcher button on the ribbon arrow at the side of the Quick Steps box to open Manage Quick Steps.

2) Click New and Select Custom.

3) Give the action a Name like "Add to Block List."

4) Under Choose an Action select "Forward message as an attachment."

5) In the To field type: blocklist@[YOUR DOMAIN NAME] e.g. if your email address was then you would put

6) Click on Options under the To field and check "Automatically send after 1 minute delay."

7) Click on Add Action and select "Mark as Read."

8) Click on Add Action again and select "Delete Message."

You may choose a shortcut key if you wish, and optionally enter tooltip text to remind you what this action does.

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