Migrating from XML DataStream to SAGE Connect




Users currently using SAGE XML DataStream services to power their web site should immediately begin migrating to the latest SAGE Connect services.  SAGE XML DataStream will be sunset on November 30, 2023.


This article is not intended to be a comprehensive guide on implementation or migration to SAGE Connect.

You will need to refer to the document of the service(s) you wish to implement for full details.  The following is intended to point out some of the differences from the legacy service to jump start your migration.

Full documentation can be found on http://www.sagemember.com under Developer APIs | SAGE Connect

1.  Endpoint – You need to update the endpoint to https://www.promoplace.com/ws/ws.dll/ConnectAPI.

2.  SSL  – SSL is now required if your previous implementation did not utilize SSL you will need to implement as part of the conversion.

3. Authentication – Legacy services originally utilized a username and password for authentication.  SAGE Connect uses Account ID and authentication key exclusively.

Example showing SAGE Connect authentication:

    "serviceId": 101,
    "apiVer": 110,
    "auth": {
        "acctId": USER ACCT NUMBER,

4. XML to JSON – SAGE Connect is a JSON service so you will need to convert all queries to use JSON.

For example:

SAGE DataStream:

    <LoginID>USER LOGIN</LoginID>

SAGE Connect:

    "serviceId": 103,
    "apiVer": 130,
    "auth": {
        "acctId": USER ACCT NUMBER,
    "search": {
        "categories": "Lanyards"

5. Field Names – While efforts were made to preserve field names from the legacy service some field names have changed. All of the fields in SAGE Connect use camelCase.  If your application or environment is case-sensitive, you will need to change the case on the field names to match camelCase. You should review all field names as part of your conversion.

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