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This article describes how suppliers can verify their products in the SAGE research tools using the SAGE Supplier Center.

Suppliers can easily verify and update their product information using the SAGE Supplier Center.  Once verified, your products will carry the "Verified by Supplier" data certification logo in our various research tools, including our industry-leading SAGE-Online distributor research tool.  Distributors rely on this certification to know that the information they are seeing in our research tools is accurate.  Some distributors will not even use suppliers who do not have verified products in our system.  Therefore, it is extremely important for suppliers in the industry to verify their product information as soon as possible and ensure that the information stays up-to-date.

Follow these steps to verify your products:

1.  If you are not already a SAGE Advantage member, you will need to become one in order to verify your products.  Visit or call a supplier account rep at 800.925.7243 for more information on the numerous advantages of becoming a SAGE Advantage member.

2.  Visit Installing the SAGE Supplier Center for instructions on downloading the SAGE Supplier Center.  The SAGE Supplier Center is what you will use to access our system and verify your information.

3.  Start the SAGE Supplier Center and go into the Supplier Profile and Catalog area.  Click on the Catalog tab. 

4.  Verify that the catalog we have listed is your most recent catalog.  If it is not, follow the instructions to update your catalog.  Verification will occur automatically as you update your catalog.

5.  If the catalog we have listed is the right one but the expiration date needs to be extended, click Edit to adjust the expiration date of the catalog and then save your changes.  You still need to follow the step below to verify your products in this case.

6.  To review and verify your products, click the Products area.  From there, you will see a list of all of your products.  View each product and make sure all of the information is correct.  As you step through your products, they will automatically become verified as you save each one.  When you return to the list, you will see a red check mark next to the items that have been verified.

7.  Once you are finished reviewing and verifying all of your items, exit the SAGE Supplier Center.  You can always return to the SAGE Supplier Center at any time to add or update your information in real-time.

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