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How to import into the Clients | CRM area from an Excel or CSV file

Follow these directions to import from an Excel or CSV file:

1. Download the Excel template:

Download Version 110 Excel Template

2. Use the template as a guide in creating your own file or add your information directly to the template after deleting the sample data (leave the colored header row in place).  When creating your import file, please be sure to follow these guidelines:

- ALL columns in the spreadsheet must remain intact and in order.  Do not delete any columns or re-order columns as this will cause improper importing.

- The red columns are client company records, the blue are office records, and the green are contact records.  You can have multiple office records and contact records for each client company.  To create multiple offices for a client, duplicate the blue company columns on a new row and then add the new office information for the blue columns.  Likewise, to assign two contacts to a particular office, duplicate both the red and blue columns on a new row and just change the green contact columns as needed for the two records.  See the sample data as an example.

- All columns that are true/false or "Boolean" values should have a 0 for false/no or a 1 for true/yes.  For example, see columns Private, Marketing Ok, and Ship Same as Mailing for example.

- Each client company can have ONE main office that is indicated with a 1 in the Main Office column.  Each client company can have ONE main contact that is indicated with a 1 in the Main Contact column. 

- Here are some special notes about specific fields:

Version (should be "110" for all rows)
Client Status (0=Active, 1=Prospect, 2=Inactive)
Account Reps (must match full name of existing rep; separate multiple with semicolons)
Industry (must match name of existing industry)
Groups (separate multiple with semicolons; new groups will be added if not in your list)
Tax Rate (must match name of existing tax table entry name)
Shipping Carrier (must match name of existing shipping carrier name)
Source (new sources will be added if not in your list)
Rating (0-5, with 5 being highest)
Sales Potential (0-5, with 5 being highest)
Private (0=no, 1=yes)
Marketing Okay (0=no, 1=yes) [leaving this field blank will set it equal to yes]
Ship Same as Mailing (1=Yes, 0=No)
Main Office (0=no, 1=yes)
Contact Job Role (must match existing job role from list)
Main Contact (0=no, 1=yes)
Contact Email Marketing Okay (0=no, 1 yes)

3.  You must be running SAGE Online or higher in order to import using this template.  If you have an older version, the file will not import.  In that case, please contact SAGE Support at 800.925.SAGE opt. 3 or email to get the latest version.

4. Be sure that you are logged in as the user that you want to own the clients.  Note that you can set the access permissions for your imported clients using the options in the import area as well as the Private column in your spreadsheet.  By default, the assigned account reps can access the client.

5.  Import your file by going into SAGE Online and selecting Tools | Import Clients from the top menu.  Select Excel/CSV and select your file.  The records will be displayed on the screen.  Make sure that the fields match up with the headers at the top of the columns.  Then choose Select All and click Start to start the import.

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