How to run SAGE on a Mac




Is there a Mac version of SAGE?

SAGE Total Access subscriptions include access to SAGE Online, SAGE Web, and SAGE Mobile (for Android and iOS).  SAGE Web is browser based and fully compatible with Macs.


For distributors, SAGE Web is all you need to use SAGE on a Mac.

SAGE Online for distributors and SAGE Supplier Center for suppliers are Microsoft Windows applications (only) and can be run on a Mac using Windows emulation software. 

In order to run Windows applications need to purchase two additional pieces of software.

1.  Parallels (Virtualization Software)

You may purchase this directly from Parallels on their website,  or from other retailers that sell Mac Software.

2.  Windows (Operating System)

Parallels requires a "guest operating system", sold separately.  We recommend Windows 10 Professional 64-bit which can be purchased online (please see the Parallels website for more information about what versions of Windows and Mac OS are supported or contact their support for more information, see:   Here are a couple of sites which sell Windows:


New Egg

Install Parallels then follow the their instructions for installing Windows.  Then you are ready to install SAGE.

More Information:

Other Solutions:

1.  Other Virtualization Software such as  VMWare Fusion (, will also work.  You will also need a copy of Windows (see step 2 above).

2.  Running Windows natively on your Mac.  Go to for more information.  This solution works well but does require you to reboot in order to "switch" to windows.  You need a copy of Windows (see step 2 above) to install in Bootcamp.

Note that software based on the Wine project such as Crossover does not work for SAGE at this time.

This applies to SAGE Online, ShowLink for Windows, and SAGE Supplier Center, which are programs that must be installed on your local machine (SAGE Online is not a web site).  Our web site based products (WebExpress, PromoSearch, Company Store, SAGE Mobile, SAGEWeb etc.) are of course cross platform.

This article contains links to other sites for informational purposes.  These links were accurate at the time the article was published but may change in the future.  If you find any of the above links are not working, please let us know by contacting Technical Support at

Note that we cannot help you setup your system to run Windows. You must have Windows set up with a working Internet connection before we will be able to help you install SAGE software.

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