How to Install SAGE Online




I'm a new subscriber.  How do I get the SAGE Online software?

I had to format my hard drive.  How do get SAGE Online back on my computer?

I just purchased a new computer how do I reinstall SAGE Online?

I need to download and install SAGE Online on a different computer in my office.

I will temporary be working out of another location, can I install SAGE Online there so I will have access?


Download and install SAGE Online:

Watch a video to learn how to download and install SAGE Online or follow the steps below:

1. Go to

2. Use your login ID and password to log in to  If you do not know your login ID and password, click the "forgot password" link under the login box or contact us at 214.631.6000 or

3. From the Support tab, click Downloads.

4. Click the first item in the list, SAGEOnlineSetup.exe, and select to run it when prompted.

5. Follow the prompts to install SAGE Online.

6. Double-click on the SAGE Online icon on your desktop to launch the program.

7. Enter your Login ID and Password then click OK.

More Information:

If you had a trial subscription to SAGE Online, you do not need to re-install the software in order to use your paid subscription.  Just login after your subscription is paid to remove the trial messages.  See this article for more information Converting the Trial Version of SAGE Online to the Full Version.

You should setup a login account for each user within your company who will be accessing SAGE Online.  Users are setup through  For more information, please see How To: Setup Login IDs for SAGE Services.

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